Shark Bay Eco Tours

Private charters

Freedom to adventure

Want to go off script from our usual tours? Do a tour your way and go to the places YOU want to go!


Have a birthday or significant occasion you want to celebrate? Spend it in style cruising the sheltered waters of Shark Bay.

private cruises

Escape the crowds and jump on our vessels for a private adventure in the waters of Shark Bay World Heritage Area!

or whatever you can think of!

Adventure &

explore the bay your way

Sometimes you may want to go off script, celebrate a significant event or just avoid the crowds. With Private Charters at Shark Bay Eco Tours you can do just that! Jump on board our state of the art boats that can suit your every need, and cruise around the sheltered waters in exclusive style.

To get your unique quote use the contact form below and one of our staff will assist you in booking your exclusive unique tour.

Research &

Scientific charters


Shark Bay Eco Tours is operated by a team of marine biologists and ocean enthusiasts. Where we can we aid with research projects here in the bay. We’ve assisted in researching manta rays, wedgefish, leopard sharks and tiger sharks right here in our backyard.

Whether you have your own team and equipment and just need a vessel, or need some volunteers to assist with your project, you’re in the right place! With our scientific charters you can access to our state of the art vessels and crew who will do anything to make your project successful!

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