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The Ocean Park family has been in Shark Bay for over 20 years. The Aquarium first began as an aquaculture centre for pink snapper which opened in July 2000, with 2 full time staff who also ran tours of small display aquaria. Over the years the Aquarium has grown and grown, now with 14 total tanks and new developments constantly in the works.

Shark bay dive and marine safaris

Now under the Shark Bay Eco Tours name, the Ocean Park family set up Shark Bay Dive to explore the vast oceans Shark Bay has to offer. Now with 3 boats in the fleet, which can cater to almost any request, we run tours all around the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Its run by a team of PADI professional Divemasters and Instructors, paired with our highly trained skippers it makes for the best day out on the water.

Shark bay 4wd

Also now under the Shark Bay Eco Tours banner, Shark Bay 4wd was set up to take travellers to the remote corners of Shark Bay, and experience the true wildest. With over 20 years experience 4 wheel driving  here in Shark Bay, you’re in safe hands. And in the unlikely event the driver gets bogged, you can sit back and watch as he digs him or herself out! With 2 custom built 4×4 buses that can carry up to 13 people, we can take you to the furthest corners of Shark Bay.

Our Vision

Above everything, we want you to leave us after having an exceptional time, but also with having learned something new. All our tours are run by marine biologists, ocean enthusiasts or people with a deep rooted passion into Shark Bay. Throughout your tour we’ll be telling you fact after fact about the incredible wildlife that we share Shark Bay with. Whether is the indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins, dugongs, ospreys, thorny devils or wildflowers, you never know what we’ll tell you next.

This also continues in the Ocean Park Aquarium. Theres a good chance the same staff you encounter on your Eco Tour will also pop up in the Aquarium. The tours can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours (usually 45-60 minutes), and are jam packed full of information about the marine life in Shark Bay. Pair that with the panoramic views at the Oceans Restaurant, and you have the perfect morning out!


Accreditation & awards

Our tourism facility is accredited through the Quality Tourism Framework recognised throughout Australia. We are proud to be a Quality Tourism Accredited Business and have also met the standard to be a Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business. In 2014 we achieved gold in the Western Australian Tourism Awards– Tourist Attractions category – and were a finalist in the 2014 Australian Tourism Awards – Tourist Attractions category. In 2015 we also became the first and only PADI Dive Centre in Shark Bay.

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