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Join us as we take you on a full day immersive experience where you will learn all about the first Europeans setting foot on Australian soil and see a replica of the pewter plate at the iconic Cape Inscription itself!

Dirk Hartog Island was the site of the first recorded European landing on Australian soil. Captain Dirk Hartog, who arrived on the ‘Eendracht’ on October 25, 1616 announced his arrival by nailing an inscribed pewter plate to a wooden post at the site which is now known as Cape Inscription.

The island lies within the Shark Bay World Heritage area and is a popular ecotourism destination. It is a haven for marine life including the annual humpback whale migration as well as nesting loggerhead turtles. With little human interaction, the island is one of Shark Bay’s best-known secrets and one of the hardest to reach!







For children under 4 please contact us before booking.


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